Danny Gardiner

2000 – 30th Anniversary

On the 30th anniversary of the collapse, survivors, relatives, friends and distinguished guests, including the Premier and Member of Parliament for Williamstown, Mr Steve Bracks, Minister for Transport, Peter Batchelor and ACTU President, Sharon Burrows and Jim O’Neill, although very ill, gathered below the bridge to commemorate the disaster. Danny Gardiner addressed the crowd.

‘For me the West Gate Bridge will always represent a place where 35 construction workers lost their lives. It remains one of the worst industrial accidents in Australia.

‘The memorial plaque has provided for these workers’ families and friends a special place where we can meet at least every 15th of October, reflect and remember their sacrifices and ensure we do not forget them or the need for us to be forever vigilant about maintaining safe workplaces.

2006 – 36th Anniversary

Danny Gardiner reminded the gathering of recently deceased John ‘Cummo’ Cummins’ comtribution.

Our committee was formed in 1990 to organise a memorial day for the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the West Gate Bridge. The Committee consisted of John Cummins, Tom Watson, Pat Preston, Jimmy O’Neil and myself.

The Committee continued to operate not only to organise memorial days but also to so something long term to commemorate the men who gave their lives in the construction of the bridge.

The work that was done to get to today is a credit to Cummo, Tommy and the rest of the Committee.

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